Kitchen “The Baking Zone” Organized

So many ideas and photos to get your “baking zone” better organized this weekend! Here’s the first part of the post:

“…My name is Leslie. I am a mom and housewife. I am also a Certified Interior Decorator, Home Stager, and Home Organizer, and work out of my home office with homeowners and realtors, but my main career is homemaking. I blog at Goodbye, House. Hello, Home! Here you will find inspiring, creative, thrifty and fresh ways to make your house into a home. You will discover that what truly matters is not the furniture, the wall colors, the flooring, or the accessories within the house–or even the house itself – but the heart that gets put into the making of a home. As a professional organizer, I am excited that I get to share both my love of organizing with you, as well as the creatively frugal ideas that I use to simply keep my sanity in my own home. Maybe you can use some of these ideas, too. Today, we’re in my kitchen. I am one descendant in generations’ worth of bakers. Bakers that bake in bulk. One corner of my kitchen is the baking zone…”

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